May 22, 2019
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Our rental cellos

Protege Cellos -- Perfect for beginner/intermediate players or anyone needing an affordable, fully-carved instrument


  • Handcrafted instrument fully carved from solid tonewoods (some fractional sizes are hybrids)
  • Spruce top, maple back, ribs and neck
  • Quality fiberglass bow with genuine horsehair
  • Ebony pegs and fingerboard (beware instruments with softer woods dyed black)
  • Genuine German Wittner composite tailpiece (unreliable Wittner knock-offs often strip out)
  • D'Addario Prelude strings (quality steel core strings that have a clean tone and quick response)
  • D'Addario rosin
  • Available in full and fractional sizes.

  • Artist Cellos -- Ideal for more advanced players or those seeking an instrument with superior sound quality

  • Handcrafted instruments fully carved from superior quality tonewoods
  • Spruce top, flamed maple back
  • Wooden bow
  • Professional strings (Dominant or equivalent)
  • Available in full and fractional sizes.

  • Sizing Guide for Cello

    With a ruler, measure the comfortable stretching distance between the index finger and the pinky. The finger span should figure more heavily than age and arm length, and height.  To measure arm length, measure from the shoulder bone (usually the shirt seam of a fitted shirt) to the tip of the longest finger of a fully extended arm.  If your measurement falls between the two sizes, choose the smaller size.

    Cello          Fingerspan      Age     Arm length     Height

    1/10                1-2"             3-5        14-16"            2-3'
    1/8                  2-3"             4-6        16-18"            2-3'
    1/4                  3-4"             5-7        18-20"            4'
    1/2                  4-5"            7-11       20-22"           4-4'6"
    3/4                  5-6"           11-15      22-24"           4'6-5"
    4/4                  6"+              15+       24"+               5'+