May 22, 2019
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Basses: Protege Level

Size Guide for Double Bass
With a yard stick or measuring tape, measure the distance from the floor to the base knuckle of the index finger of the right hand.  The age of the player is less important than this measurement.  If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the smaller size.  Please note that for double bass, 3/4 is considered full size.

Bass     Knuckle to Floor    Age
1/8              21.5-23"           5-7
1/4              23-25"              7-9
1/2              25-28"              9-13
3/4              28"+                 13+

  • Sturdy plywood construction
  • Set up with quality steel-core strings
  • Quality fiberglass bow, French or German, with genuine horsehair
  • All bass bridges have adjusters, a must in our climate
  • Includes padded bag and fiberglass bow